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This Y3 men’s clothing collection boasts forward-thinking, dynamic designs, inspired by simplicity and practicality. Its founders represent a fusion between sport and fashion, where ergonomics and immaculate combinations create eye-catching garments.

Each piece is given its own distinctive identity, with design flair that is second to none. Every fabric component is considered, meaning the silhouette of every garment is unique. Y3 clothing is crafted to meet meticulous quality standards, ensuring that each piece is a long-lasting, wardrobe staple.

Y-3 trainers are now renowned for their unique designs, taking adidas' classic sportswear heritage and technological knowhow and infusing it with a futuristic, street-savvy edge, resulting in a broad mixture of twisted classics and avant-garde head-turners that appeal to anyone who appreciates good design. Some of the most popular styles of the last decade have come from the collective, including everything from Y3 Kaiwa, Y3 Qasa and Y3 Sprint, as well as new silhouettes like the Y3 Kusari, Y3 Saikou, Y3 Harigane and various Y3 Boost styles. 

Our Y3 men’s clothing range samples some of the most sought after pieces from the collaboration, including trainers and t-shirts

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  1. Add to wishlist Y3 Ajatu Run Trainers White Aphrodite 1994

    Y3 Ajatu Run Trainers - White

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  2. Add to wishlist Y3 Shorts Drawstring | Yellow | Aphrodite

    Y3 Shorts Drawstring - Yellow

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  3. Add to wishlist y3 bandana HD8900 black

    Y3 Bandana - Black

    As low as £22.50 Regular Price £45.00
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  4. Add to wishlist Y-3 UltraBoost 21 Trainers | Black H67476

    Y3 UltraBoost 21 Trainers - Black

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  5. Add to wishlist y-3 sweat shorts GV4155 hope lilac

    Y3 Sweat Shorts - Hope Lilac

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  6. Add to wishlist Dorico Parka - Black

    Y3 Dorico Parka - Black

    As low as £224.50 Regular Price £449.00
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