Grenson Shoes And Grenson Sneakers

As one of the key founders of Britain’s reputation as a world-class leader in high quality footwear production, Grensons have been producing their world famous Grenson boots since 1913. However, their history actually stretches back to the 1800’s, with Grenson’s founder, William Green, who learnt to produce boots by hand with his mother at their home, before spreading his wings setting up his own shoemaking business. A few name changes down the line, William Green’s fledging company became Grenson in 1913- earning themselves an instant repute for high quality footwear thanks to their invention of the now world famous Goodyear welting technique. This process, although very time consuming, became the benchmark for quality in shoe production, dramatically increasing the longevity of any shoe silhouette. Grenson were the first instigators of this process, linking it with their already extensive knowledge in how to produce footwear of supreme quality to create pieces that represented classic styling, blended with fine luxury.

Fast-forward to the modern day and they are still hand crafting their now iconic and internationally coveted footwear in their home town. From the British midlands to fashion conscious feet all over the world, bold silhouettes such as the iconic Grenson Sneaker 1, Grenson Archie brogues and Grenson Brady Boots can be found pounding the pavements in relentless style, adding comfort, quality and quintessential British prowess to any look. Expanding the brand's horizons further, they have introduced a range of sneakers to tap into the demand for high-quality casual footwear. Made from the finest suede and leather, Grenson lavish the same attention to detail and quality on their sneakers as they do their shoes, giving the modern style icon a wide variety of styles to choose from. Still a symbol for classic British production, Grenson shoes are showing no sign of slowing down as they continue their march of hand crafted elegance across the globe.

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