Gramicci Shorts, Pants and Clothing

Founded in 1982 by climber and self-proclaimed ‘Stone Master’, Mike Graham, Gramicci has spent the past 30 years making some of the most innovative and world-renowned outdoor clothing. Owing its name to Mike’s climb of Yosemite Half Dome in the ‘70s, when he and his fellow climbers took on temporary Italian identities, the brand is responsible for what we now know as the quintessential modern day climbing trouser.

Famed for their Gramicci G Shorts & G Pants, the brand were the first to employ a gusseted crotch for ease of movement alongside the widely recognised built in nylon belt, the brand was conceived on providing the answer to the climbing communities more clothing orientated questions. Having expanded its line to encompass everything from functional jackets, sweatshirts and lifestyle garments such as the Gramicci NN Trousers, the label continues to tweak fabrics, weights and colours; imbuing a range of garments with outdoor expertise while filtering in distinctive urban design cues and a ‘free’ mentality.

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