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Edwin Jeans are some of the most stylish jeans on the market. The quality and craftsmanship that goes into each piece of denim is the reason why Edwin is so renowned the world over. Founded in Japan back in 1947 by a man called Mr Tsunemi, Edwin Denim was born from his love of denim. At that time in Japan, there was no denim manufactured in the country, forcing Mr Tsunemi to import the denim from the United States of America. He took it upon himself to buy worn denim from America and repair it by hand to sell to his customers. Once Japan began manufacturing, he realised that the quality was inferior to that produced in the USA and was driven to create his own range of denim. The brand is still going strong today over 60 years later.

Uncover Japanese Yoshiko Left Hand denim in the brand's ED 55 design or perhaps you're looking for Yuuki Blue Denim in the brand's modern ED 80 silhouette; whatever you're looking for, find it below.

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