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Founded in 2017 Colorful Standard is a brand that excels in contemporary minimalism with a conscious approach. Formed around their love of colours, the brand's main aim is to create a range of wardrobe essentials that provide the perfect fit, timeless wear and unmatched quality whilst causing as little damage to the earth as possible. Utilising both sustainably sourced fabrics, including organic cotton and extra-fine merino wool, across their collections, techniques such as precise laser cutting, that leaves behind less waste, and environmentally friendly garment-dyeing are used throughout. Recycling any leftover fabric into other areas, such as furniture filling, all of their clothing comes produced in their own manufacturing centre in Portugal which allows them to not only have complete control over the final result but ensure fair wages, safe working conditions and a streamlined, less carbon-heavy delivery chain.


Removing the influence of seasonal trends to create products with longevity in mind, through countless tests and customer feedback the brand has mastered the shape and feel of their output whilst building an impressive backlog of over 41 rich and unique shades. Arriving pre-washed to ensure these bespoke attributes are preserved for years to come, everything from Colorful Standard t-shirts to Colorful Standard hoodies and sweatshirts serve as a true wardrobe investment, one that will no doubt serve to add some colour into future outfits for quite some time.


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