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Luxury streetwear label Aries or ‘Aries Arise’ - as it’s sometimes fondly referred to - is the brainchild of Sofia Prantera, Fergus Purcell and Luca Benini who each, respectively, carry several industry credentials under their belt. Having previously worked their magic on cult ‘90s streetwear imprint ‘Silas’ together, Purcell and Prantera briefly parted ways to focus on their own passion projects; during which Graphic Designer Fergus established the now-iconic branding for London-based skating label PALACE. Benini meanwhile, worked hard on getting Italian clothing company Slam Jam off the ground, allowing it to flourish within the immense success it possesses today.

Taking its name from the zodiac sign - to which it boasts many of the same qualities, such as possessing strong creative drive – Aries is a brand fixated on subverting fashion norms. From rewriting its narrative to become a genderless label to harnessing a variety of design influences, stretching from club culture to rave, cyberpunk and skateboarding, the brand's philosophy is centered on disrupting the status quo. The Aries tie dye pattern and temple logo form much of the core collection, with Aries t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies often arriving in a kaleidoscope of colourful hues, complete with idiosyncratic slogans like ‘No Problemo’.

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    Aries Tie Dye Temple Hoodie - Multi

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    Aries Tie Dye T-Shirt Temple - Multi

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    Aries Temple Sweat Shorts - Lilac

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